Boston Red Sox EMC Club

The Boston Red Sox EMC Club is a premium seating area located on the third level of Fenway Park. The Fenway Park seating chart shows the EMC Club in six sections behind home plate on the second group of sections from the top of the ballpark.

The Boston Red Sox EMC Club area consists of a private club for the exclusive use of EMC Club ticket holders, a private concourse shared with Red Sox Suite patrons, and six individual seating sections labeled Red Sox EMC Club 1, Red Sox EMC Club 2, Red Sox EMC Club 3, Red Sox EMC Club 4, Red Sox EMC Club 5, and Red Sox EMC Club 6. The EMC Club area opens two hours prior to first pitch and remains open for one hour following the last out. While the bar at the EMC Club is available to all area ticket holders, reservations are generally required for the EMC Club Restaurant. A brunch buffet is prepared for day games while fine dining service is presented for all evening games. Unlike most other segments of Fenway Park, there is a strict dress code for EMC Club guests. Casual business attire is highly recommended. Men must wear dress slacks, khaki pants, dress jeans, dress shorts, sleeved shirts, shoes, sneakers, or sandals. Women must wear dress skirts, dresses, slacks, shorts, dress jeans, tops, shoes, sneakers, or sandals. Although the EMC Club staff are polite and accommodating with all member requests, the dress code is enforced by the concierge at the door.

Within the six seating areas of the EMC Club section, the first row provides a clearly better game experience. Multiple flat-screen televisions are embedded into the railing of the front row allowing fans to watch a variety of MLB-related programming. While the TVs are visible for ticket holders in the back rows, front row patrons control the televisions and have the best view. First row seats are also desirable because the low angle of the sections often creates partially obstructed views for rows 3 through 5. Avoid EMC Club 1 or EMC Club 6 whenever possible as a quarter of the field is obstructed by the luxury suites jutting out from each side. All EMC Club sections are fully covered and protected from wind, rain, and the sun.

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EMC Club tickets are sold on a single or multiple season ticket basis and are completely sold out. The Red Sox premium seating sales division takes a waiting list of buyers interested in future availability, but with most purchasers on multiple year contracts waiting times may be upwards of several years. Fans intend on sitting in the EMC Club for single games should look to secondary market ticket brokers and third party ticket websites. Prices begin at $350 per ticket for less popular events and more than $800 for series against the Yankees.

Boston Red Sox EMC Club

Boston Red Sox EMC Club
View from the Boston Red Sox EMC Club at Fenway Park