Boston Red Sox Bleachers

Boston Red Sox Bleachers are located from center field at Fenway Park to the right field corner. The Fenway Park seating chart shows the Bleachers far away from home plate on the ground level of seating. With far fewer bleacher seats than every other major league stadium, Fenway Park bleachers are always crowded and often sold out.

While some Boston Red Sox diehard fans swear by the Red Sox Bleachers in Fenway Park directly in center field, the distance from home plate makes it difficult to follow the action from the Bleachers. There are 10 individual sections in the Bleachers of Fenway Park: Red Sox Section 34, Red Sox Section 35, Red Sox Section 36, Red Sox Section 37, Red Sox Section 38, Red Sox Section 39, Red Sox Section 40, Red Sox Section 41, Red Sox Section 42, and Red Sox Section 43.

Rather than focusing on the specific section within the Red Sox Bleachers, baseball fans looking for the best experience at Fenway Park should consider Red Sox Bleacher tickets very close to the field. Front row Red Sox Bleacher tickets are the best value in Fenway Park. Not only do first row Red Sox Bleacher seats provide the opportunity to catch home runs, but since the bullpens are placed just under the bleachers, fans close to the field get a spectacular view of the pitchers and catchers from both teams throughout the entire game. Baseball fans looking for a better view of the action should consider seats closer to home plate at Fenway Park.

See the Boston Red Sox seating chart and consider other Fenway Park seating areas: Red Sox Green Monster seats, Red Sox Dugout Seats, Red Sox EMC Club, Red Sox Field Boxes, Red Sox Pavilion Club, Red Sox Budweiser Right Field Roof Deck, Red Sox Loge Boxes, Red Sox Pavilion Boxes, Red Sox Coca-Cola Pavilion Reserved, Red Sox Infield Grandstand, Red Sox Right Field Boxes, Red Sox Right Field Roof Boxes, Red Sox Right Field Roof Terrace, Red Sox Outfield Grandstand, Red Sox Bleachers, and Red Sox Standing Room Only.

The best Boston Red Sox Bleacher tickets can be purchased for less than $40 for most games and up to $125 for premium contests against the Yankees. The cheapest Red Sox Bleacher tickets in the back of each section can be found for less than $15 for many games. Most Red Sox Bleacher sections are sold out months before the start of the regular season, so consider looking for Red Sox Bleacher tickets through the secondary market and from ticket selling websites.

Boston Red Sox Bleachers

Boston Red Sox Bleachers
View from the Boston Red Sox Bleachers at Fenway Park